Frequently asked questions

Why was Mobility Mate created?

A growing number of US-based workers find themselves sitting all day long at work. With this number only growing, workers must protect themselves against the negative effects of sitting constantly. In fact, a 2013 Doug Dupont Report found that sedentary workers who exercise regularly were at just as high risk for health issues concerning sitting as those who didn’t exercise. With Mobility Mate those who have “sitting jobs” (sedentary workers) can hydrate and take advantage of Mobility Mate’s soft tissue tools to release muscle adhesions on their neck, lower back, forearms, or various other parts of their body…. anytime throughout their day. Mobility Mate is a water bottle that can be used sitting at a desk or at the gym. Our thought was this, "We believe if people had the right tools with them, they would use them to restore and rejuvenate their bodies and live a pain free lifestyle.”

What is Self Massage Therapy?

Also, known as SMR (self myofascial release— a fancy way to say you massage yourself). Self Massage Therapy is simply the act of taking a massage tool, such as Mobility Mate and applying pressure on sore tissues. You allow the massage tool to gently sink into your skin while you exhale, then you slowly begin moving the tool across your skin—targeting points that cause you pain

How do I get one?

We are currently done with the design and prototyping of Mobility Mate. Our Kickstarter begins in summer 2020! This is necessary to purchase tooling for the production of Mobility Mate. For more detailed information, check out our Kickstarter in the upcoming months!

Is Mobility Mate for me?

Are you an athlete tied to a desk for 8 hours a day? Do you exercise weekly but never find time to help your body recover? Is your back or neck ever sore? Are you living in pain? If you answered yes to any of these, then Mobility Mate is for you!