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Fight the Holiday Blues

3 Quick Tips for Staying Healthy this Holiday Season

Don’t let the holiday season ruin all your momentum you have made all year, a few minor adjustments to your holiday routine can be all the difference you need. We’ve all been there on Christmas —feeling the Santa Clause blues, bloated, tired, and filled to the neck with mom’s sweet potato pie. That feeling isn’t a good one, luckily for us it is within our control. You’ve worked too hard developing a healthy routine to let it fall aside this time of year.

Try these 3 tips for staying healthy and happy this Holiday Season:

1. Find activities to do that include the family (ones away from the gym). Fun runs, going to cut down a Christmas Tree, family walks— heck anything you can think of to get the heart pumping and those feet moving is good. This is a great opportunity to open your loved ones up who aren’t on a “healthy path” to some new healthier activities—they might even surprise you!

2. Drink water, lots of it! A glass or two before your big meal can make all the difference. The hope is that this will limit the amount of food you ingest and offset any dehydration you make be incurring from one too many spiced eggnog drinks. If that doesn’t work, try breaking your big meals into two smaller meals a few hours apart. This will help eliminate that sluggish, stuff-turkey feeling you get after a meal of this size.

3. Start the morning right, get moving early. Over the holidays, it's okay to take it easy, unwind, and relax, however; most often when we start the day like this, we continue it. We justify doing this because we work so hard throughout the year— “I deserve to do nothing” we say to ourselves. This is true, you do deserve it if and only if you do some form of movement early in the morning to get the blood flowing.

The most important thing you can do this holiday season is enjoy your family and take these small steps towards a healthier you.


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